Please, let us represent our firm in some lines.

The company was established to product and develop in fields of chromatography in 1987.
(Till 1991 its name was Labinform.) The main product was the chromatographic workstation with LabChrom chromatographic software.

In 1990 we joined LaborMIM developments in different fields of working densitometer.
LaborMIM started to transport their chromatographic instruments (HPLC, TLC scanner - densitometer) using our software/workstation from 1991.
Because of strict changes in the economy in the East-European countries, LaborMIM declared itself bankrupt and was in liquidation during some years.

Our firm took over the whole development and production of densitometer in 1995.
Nowadays we concentrate specially to the Hungarian market, but we are really interested in export.
We had already have a continuous business with a firm in Argentina extending our business relations.