TR-541a TLC Scanner
for Densitometric Evalution of Thin-Layer Chromatograms

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Data sheets page by page in graphic format: 1 2 3 4

The TR-540 TLC Scanner has been designed for the densitometric evaluation of both TLC and electrophoresis objects up to 200 × 200 mm in reflectance mode. The useful spectral range is 200-600 nm. The scanner is controlled by a personal computer via an RS 232 interface. Measurment data is transmitted in digital form for processing.
The LabChrom(tm) software uses a graphical user interface, combines high performance with ease of handling. ViewScan Picture You can view the full picture of the layer and select the tracks for measuring by the ViewScan function of the software easy The ViewScan is a two-dimensional picture of the chromatographic layer, scanned with low geometrical resolution. Its appearance is photographic-like, coloured with artificial colours.

Reprocess Picture After the densitometer finished the scanning of the selected tracks, the densitograms will be processed automatically based on the set integration parameters. You can modify the parameters or make manual baseline corrections using the Reprocess function of the LabChrom(tm).

Calibration Picture The Calibration function of the software is used for the quantitative evaluation of the densitograms. The LabChrom(tm) offers single-level and multi-level calibration with linear or nonlinear regression, internal or external standard.

Report Picture The LabChrom(tm) generates complete annotated reports including date and time of the analysis, the operator's name, instrumental and integration parameters A standard report format is available, and userdefined reports of densitometric results are simple to produce. The report can be converted into ASCII format and saves, so the results can be used in databases, spreadsheets, word processor and other commercial softwares.